This week I have found myself dreaming! I know crazy right? I would classify myself as a dreamer. I dream of the “what could be” and I spend a lot of time thinking on “what’s keeping us from the dream?”

Dreams can become nightmares when they remain dormant for an extended period of time! I have had a lot of dreams! Too many to list! Many of them have come true! Others I am waiting for!

But I have found myself dreaming again! BIG dreams! I feel like if I am not dreaming I am not fully alive! I want to live alive! I want to dream with my eyes wide open! I want to live the life God had called me to!

Now I am working validate whether what I am dreaming of for the next 5-10 years of my life are MY dreams or GODS destiny! Huge difference!

I believe dreams are Gods way of keeping us alive! Never stop dreaming! No matter how much you accomplish-there is still more! No matter how old you are-God still has purpose for your life! And web if you are young-today is the day to dream!

Dream. Dream big!!!

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