Hookers for Jesus Sunday // Coming Soon!

On Sunday, Oct 23 we will have ANNIE LOBERT as our guest at The Point Church – at all campuses.  Annie is an internationally known expert and advocate of ministry to men and women in the sex industry. She is recognized worldwide for her expertise and knowledge of domestic human sex trafficking. She survived over 16 years (11 years escorting & 5 part time) working as a prostitute and high-class escort in Hawaii, Minneapolis, and Las Vegas, which included catering exclusively to award winning actors, famous musicians and rock stars, national and local politicians, and professional athletes. And yet, Annie knows first hand the harmful affects that a life in the adult entertainment industry can have on a person. She speaks effectively with both secular and religious communities on these issues.

Based on personal experience in the sex industry and also from being a sex trafficked victim, Annie understands the devastation and destruction of the soul and spirit that happens when ladies are trapped in the sex industry. She knows what it feels like when society judges and churches reject a lady that has been prostituted/sex trafficked. Her most important mission above anything else is reaching out and offering the unconditional love of Jesus Christ with others in a NONJUDGEMENTAL way.

God loves everyone, everywhere!  Don’t miss these services!

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