4 years ago when Mary and I started this journey of church planting we knew that there was a 50-50 shot that it could fail.  We did not go in with an “idealist” or “non-realistic” approach.  We knew the risks.  We had placed our reputation on the line … our finances … our children … and our future.  But we also placed our trust in Jesus!  We knew (and still know) that with God you are able to do anything.

Fast-forward to today and the Point Church has grown significantly – we have launched a 2nd campus – and have seen hundreds of people make decisions for Jesus!

It all started with a FAITH LEAP.  Mary and I didn’t just take a step – we jumped in fully to what God had called us to.  I guess that is the definition of FAITH, simply jumping off the cliff into a dream and trusting that God will catch us!  Now we feel like we are living our full redemptive potential!

Surreal.  That’s how I feel.  We purchased our new home in Hicksville for 32% of its actual value.  That is a miracle #FRP.

What step of faith do you need to take today?  What risk do you need to make?  Is there something you should start doing?  How about stop doing?

Live your potential!  Live in faith – it seemingly right next to insanity!

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