The Nines …

Yesterday I was so honored to be part of THE NINES online conference – 9 hrs with 99 speakers – pretty crazy concept!  I learned so much from listening to some of the great leaders in the church today – known and unknown!  But I think my biggest takeaway was how “amazing the church really is.”  Different types of people from different places with ONE COMMON GOAL –> to reach the world with the love of Jesus Christ!

I loved preparing and presenting my videos.  This is a picture I will treasure:

One of the funniest things for me was that they accidentally played my VISION Video two times!  How did that happen?  They were supposed to play John Bishop’s video toward the end – instead my face popped up.  Mary says, “Honey your on again at The Nines.”  Was it an accident?  Or was it caused?  Depends if you lean more on the Calvinist side … haha.  Nothing in life is EVER an accident … maybe someone needed to be reminded to BE ORIGINAL!!!

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