Lessons from Admiral Vern Clark

I had the amazing privilege to hear from one of the great military leaders of our time early this week.  Admiral Vern Clark has served with great distinction in his military career.  Admiral Clark served as the Chief of Naval Operations.

Here some lessons from his talk in NYC:

  1. Master short prayers.
  2. Every issue has at least 5 sides – just like Pentagon.
  3. Communication is critical.
  4. You can’t wait for an engraved invitation
  5. Sometimes you can’t be objective
  6. Be decisive
  7. Don’t let the tyranny of the immediate let you ever forget the urgent
  8. You must provide leadership on the top level so the people on the ground can act
  9. Will your actions stand under the bright lights of scrutiny
  10. People respond to challenge.
  11. Set out to fulfill His calling. God opens the doors you just need tom walk thru.
  12. If you are going to make it better you must be willing to make changes
  13. Create an environment for people to prosper
  14. Organization must be committed to values.
  15. The greatest thing you can do is put your finger prints on your organization.
  16. More is caught than taught

What an honor and privilege to be at this gathering of the Assemblies of God Trust in Manhattan.

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