Notes from Troy Gramling in NY

For some strange reason God has allowed me to connect with so many amazing leaders in the church.  The truth is I am humbled and blown away by it.  Troy Gramling is one of those guys.  About 1 year ago I had the privilege of meeting Troy and was impressed by his creativity, passion, hard work and humility!

So we invited him to our Fall Roundtable at The Point.  Troy injected valuable insights into the 40 leaders that gathered!

Here are some leadership lessons he shared:

  • If you listen to everyone you won’t hear anyone.
  • Everyone has equal value but not equal priority.
  • The more you know who you are the more successful you will be.
  • People are influenced by those who do things well.
  • We can be busy but it doesn’t mean impacting.
  • The early church wasn’t liked but they could not be ignored – be a church that can’t be ignored.
  • Be intentional in every decision.
  • Leverage every moment.
  • You can question methods but never motives.
  • What got you to where you are will not get you to where you are going.
  • Disloyal people will make loyal people feel terrible about being loyal.
  • Be a truth teller.
  • Your decisions will not always be appreciated but they must be productive.
  • Do you have the pain tolerance to lead people?
  • The more leadership change you have in your pocket the more you can change.
  • Never surprise your leader with failure.
  • When your people are excited about your church they will invite people to your church.
  • Take time to build traditions with people.

These are only the bullets.  I have 4 1/2 pages of learnings from 5 hours with one of America’s great church leaders.

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