10 Commandments for Team Growth

On Wednesday at our Staff Advance I shared 10 Commandments for Team Growth.  If we follow thru on them WE will accomplish anything … but if we fall thru on them we will accomplish much less.

10 Commandments for Team Growth

  1. Demand excellence of yourself first … before you ask it of others.
  2. Dream long-term.
  3. Speak life.
  4. Never let a negative experience become a series of negatives.
  5. Live, breathe and love the vision/values of the church.
  6. Never grow tired of people.
  7. Master a life of prayer.
  8. Believe in your leader.
  9. A lack of planning on your part is not an emergency on our part.
  10. Remember that every person on the team is vital.

I really feel like we have an amazing team at The Point.  But we are raising bars and standards so we can hit the next level at our church!  Can’t wait to see what we look like in 2, 5 or even 10 years!

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