Lessons from @Chris_Hodges – ARC Roundtable

Chris Hodges is one amazing opportunistic guy – but he is also extremely strategic.  I really needed his thought on finances.  It was the HUGE takeaway for me from the day.  All of it.

Leadership Lessons/Thoughts on Stewardship:

Every pastor wants more income/more money!

4 Values & 4 Practices

Haggai 1:6-7


  • Integrity
  • Stewardship – manager not an owner
  • Generosity
  • Kingdom Impact


  • Tithe belongs to the Lord – the 1st 10% – its a first prior to a percent
  • Margin – Prov 21:20 – 2012 budget is 90% of 2011 budget – that gives margin
  • Budget Discipline – set ceilings and NEVER violate itWhen opportunity knocks it is too late to prepare! Buildings should never pass 35% of expense- salaries should never surpass 35% expense
  • No manipulation!  None!!!

If everyone tithed we would have more than we could ever have!  Everything else is a gimmick that goes beyond Gods plan of tithing!!!

3 ways in Scripture of giving:

  • Tithe – that belongs to the Lord
  • Offerings – when God blesses you more you invest
  • Gift of giving – Romans 12

Here was the million dollar questions for me —– > If you were given $100,000 and Jesus was coming back in 4 weeks-where would you spend your money? Would you put it in the same places you are now?

Live by principle not by pressure!

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