Lessons from @StovallWeems – ARC Roundtable

Our church was so privileged to host one of the NY ARC Roundtables this week.  What an amazing group of leaders – passionate about the Church.  It was great meeting Stovall Weems, Chris Hodges, Scott Hornsby and more!  These are some great men of God!!!

Let me give you a few thoughts on LEADERSHIP from the roundtable:

Grade A staff – QUALITIES – grower/ not a manager (Stovall Weems)

  • Inspire – they have to be able to cast vision and inspire ppl
  • Build – they have to be able to build TEAM
  • Problem Solve – they must create solutions
  • Execute – have to get the job done

Leadership Grid (Stovall Weems)

  • Lowest level of leadership – they can’t see the need for change
  • They see it but don’t feel it
  • They see it but you can’t fix it
  • They see it and can fix it
  • They see it and can make it better than before

If staff are not #4-5 on the leadership grid they probably need to be a volunteer.

The goal is more important than the role!!!  No matter what titles people have today that can all change tomorrow.

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