7 Reminders about Outreach

At The Point Church we are consistently finding new ways to reach our communities.  Some of them work and others we “retire.”  But there are several things that I have learned over 16 years of ministry about outreach – most of them by failing forward!

1.  Outreach is not about you.
Sound crazy right?  But many churches do outreach to build numbers and pat themselves on the back – when in reality we should do what we do because there are people who need Jesus.

2. Outreach should be done with excellence.
You can’t plan an event on the fly (this is a lesson we are learning).  We serve an excellent God and all that we do should be done with excellence.  You can’t throw an outreach together – it has to be prayed through and planned through!

3.  Outreach is best done as a team.
There can be no “one person show” when doing an event to reach your community.  It requires more volunteers than you probably even plan for.  Responsibilities need to be divided and every should take ownership.  No ownership = no team.

4.  Outreach should reflect who you are.
Any thing that we do should give people a picture of who are church is and what our church is about.  Your vision/values should be broadcast throughout the event.  Did you provide any information on your church to your guests?

5.  Outreach is exhausting.
Get prepped for a very long day or days – depending on what you are doing.  Dont wait for last minute details – they should all be completed.  Recover – make sure you take some time to stabilize emotionally – because outreach should take all of your energy!

6.  Outreach should point people to Jesus.
I really believe that we carry the greatest message of hope in the world – people need Christ!  I have become bolder and more clear in the presentation of the Gospel over the last 3 years.  An outreach that does not point people to Jesus (especially in words/actions) is just a great event.  Events are good and necessary, but don’t call something what it is not.

7.  Outreach happens every Sunday!
Over the last year we have seen so many people walk into the doors of our church.  The truth is more people have visited our church than attended an outreach!  So we have to make sure that every Sunday people are given an opportunity to accept Jesus into their lives.

I love doing stuff to reach our cities, but I constantly have to remind myself “some plant, some water, but God gives the increase.”  I am just the gardener – God is the harvester!!!

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