Lessons from @c3global roundtable w/ @claude_thomas

I have been to a lot of conferences and roundtables through the course of 16 years of ministry, but there have been very few like I experienced yesterday w/ Pastor Buddy Cremeans and Northway Church.  They hosted a c3 Global Roundtable w/ Dr. Claude Thomas.  Awesome!!!

Here’s the lessons learned:

Critical Issue for this generation to answer:

  • What do you think about God?

Two things that clean the lense of our experiences:

  • The Spirit of God
  • Read the Scriptures

** The anointing is on you. The church can’t give it to you and the church can’t take it away!

** Principalized preaching de-personalizes Jesus!

 Greatest Barriers to pastors being used to do bigger/better for Him

  • How you see God
  • How do you see yourself

CRITICAL QUESTION FOR PASTORS TO ASK: If tomorrow morning you woke up and you knew you were not going to pastor again who would you be?

How do we find our identity?

  • Environmental
  • Volitional – choice to be who you want to be
  • Genetical
  • Functional
  • Relational – co-dependent on person or crowd
  • Positional

We are a composite of all the above! They are not bad but they impact our lives and ministry!

The above explains what we are but it does not identify what we are!

** It is great when people trust the leader but it is even greater when the leader trusts the people!

**We can become so empire focus (our church) that we lose Kingdom focus!

** You don’t burn out during the week you burn out on the weekends!

Your identity is …

  • Set by God Gen 1
  • Set for God (Col 1:15f) Gen 2
  • Sullied by Satan (marred) Gen 3
  • Renewed by Redeemer
  • Realizing our Renewal – its not rational it is relational

—–> The success of ministry is how much we are becoming like Christ!

—–>Your church is not going to the last! You can’t bow at the local church – you have to attach yourself to something that is larger —–> Jesus!!!!

** Moses spent about 38 yrs going in circles! In the bible belt church attendance is shrinking – they are going in circles!  The northeast is the Joshua generation!!!  No more circles — moving forward!!!

WOW!!!  Most conferences and roundtables are about systems, strategies and structure.  This was exactly what I needed.  It helped me answer the questions — “Who Am I?”

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