5 Things The Spirit of God brings into our lives

In a moment we are going to be in Judges 16.  So let me give you some of the backstory before we get running on all cylinders this morning.

How many of you have heard of Samson?  He’s the guy in the Bible who has been described by many as the strongest man that ever lived – at least physically.

Samson is so strong that at one point in his life he comes face to face with an Asiatic Lion and tears it apart with his bare hands.

At one point Samson takes the jawbone of a donkey and uses it to kill 1000 Philistines.

Let’s stop here for a moment – the Philistines were enemies of Samson – very simple – they didn’t get alone AT ALL.

Long story short – Samson marries a woman named Delilah.  The Philistines want to know the secret to Samson’s strength – so they entice Delilah to trick him into telling her the secret. Samson teases Delilah a few times, but eventually he tells her the secret … it was his hair.

Why his hair?  Samson was a Nazirite – they were set apart for God.  One of the commitments Samson made was to NOT cut his hair!

She cuts his hair and hands him over the Philistines!

Samson is arrested and becomes entertainment to his enemies.

Let’s hit Judges 16.  “25Half drunk by now {I think we could build a sermon from these 4 words about the stupidity that comes from an alcohol buzz – but let’s keep moving}, the people demanded, “Bring out Samson so he can amuse us!” So he was brought from the prison to amuse them, and they had him stand between the pillars supporting the roof. 26Samson said to the young servant who was leading him by the hand, “Place my hands against the pillars that hold up the temple. I want to rest against them.” 27Now the temple was completely filled with people. All the Philistine rulers were there, and there were about 3,000 men and women on the roof who were watching as Samson amused them. {So this temple is filled on the inside – who knows how many people where there and there were 3000 more on the roof – maybe 6000 or more people there} 28Then Samson prayed to the Lord, “Sovereign Lord, remember me again. O God, please strengthen me just one more time. With one blow let me pay back the Philistines for the loss of my two eyes.” {The Philistines had taken Samson’s vision from him – and robbed his strength – but HE PRAYED – side note – friend, never underestimate the power of prayer} 29Then Samson put his hands on the two center pillars that held up the temple. Pushing against them with both hands, 30he prayed, “Let me die with the Philistines.” And the temple crashed down on the Philistine rulers and all the people. So he killed more people when he died than he had during his entire lifetime.”

I want to track backwards.  I have always been fascinated with this story – even as I child – but I have noticed that Samson had one really big re-occurring theme in his life.

So follow me.

Judges 13:25:  “… the Spirit of the Lord began to stir him …”

Judges 14:6:  “Suddenly, the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon him …”

Judges 14:19:  “The Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon him …”

Judges 15:14:  “The Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon Samson …”

Man, Samson didn’t just have a “little dose of the Holy Ghost” – he had God’s spirit powerfully on him! And that is why he was able to accomplish much!  Now I wish I could tell you that because Samson had God’s Spirit he never screwed up … cause that’s not true.

The truth is … all of us have this struggle – this fight – between what God’s spirit is calling us to do and what we want to do … right?  Samson, one of God’s champions, had that same struggle too.

So let’s talk about the 5 things that The Spirit of God brings into our lives …

1.  Connection

Romans 15:5: “May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus.”

2.  Correction


John 16:8: “And when he comes {The Holy Spirit – the Comforter as John calls him}, he will convict the world of its sin, and of God’s righteousness, and of the coming judgment.

3.  Celebration

Acts 13:52: “And the believers were filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.”

4.  Collaboration

Acts 2: “They were in once accord”

5.  Completion

Philippians 1:6: “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”

Have you ever been tired?  I have.  There have been many times in my life … even recently … when I have been exhausted – today let’s ask the Holy Spirit to fill our lives so that we will be refreshed again.

Samson, finds himself arrested and placed in front of the Philistines so they could make fun of him … and Samson does something – he prays – it is only the 2nd time we read that Samson prayed.

Here’s what he says: “Sovereign Lord, remember me again. O God, please strengthen me just one more time. With one blow let me pay back the Philistines for the loss of my two eyes” (Judges 16:28).

Let’s pray the prayer of Samson today – “Remember me and strengthen me.”

When we do that we will be the kind of church that provides Connection, Correction, Celebration, Collaboration and Completion!

And that happens when the Spirit of God remains alive in our lives and church!!!

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