Book Review: #CircleMaker by @MarkBatterson

Several weeks ago I was given a pre-release copy of “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson and it did not take me too long to place this book at the top of my 2011 readings.  I read about 2-4 books per month – depending on the time of year – so we are not just talking top 1 of 3!

Mark has a creative and unique way of blending scriptural truth with history, science and everyday life.  This book once again proves his drive to live one of his core values “Go the extra mile.”  Mark is a brilliant writer who shares from personal experiences in his family and church the power of prayer!  In fact, I believe this is Mark’s best book yet!

The Circle Maker” challenges us to pray circles around every area of our lives!  Circle Maker is built around the true story of Honi who “prayer walked his way around a devastating drought in the first century BC until the rains came.”

Mark will challenge you to:

  • Dream Big
  • Pray Hard
  • Think Long
  • Keep Circling

I love this quote in the book: “The viability of our prayers has more to do with intensity than vocabulary.”  Mark challenges us to pray circles around everything – problems, dreams, pain, success, family, friends, church, and about everything else you can think – and not to worry about the “right words” but the “right motives.”

If you need to be rocked back into a prayer life or propelled into believing that God is still able again – Circle Maker is for you!

If you know someone who needs to pray circles around a circumstance – this book is for them!

If you are a pastor leading a church of 50 or 5,000 – Circle Maker is for you!

I am honored to call Mark Batterson my friend, but I also consider him my ally in the trenches of ministry!  The Circle Maker is written by someone who does not just talk about prayer, but he lives it – and he lives it hard!

Get this book!  Give this book!

Pastor  – consider doing the Circle Maker 5 week series in 2012!  Our church is!!

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