Church Planting 101.

It was nearly 4 years ago that Mary and I set out to launch The Point Church.  We were faith-filled, but yet scared to death – interesting combo.  Deep in our hearts we knew that God wanted us to start a new church.  We were compelled by the mission field on Long Island – less than 2% evangelical Christian.  Staggering numbers, but I was never great at math anyway.  I simply knew that this is what “we were made for.”  All that we had experienced in our lives was preparing us for the challenge!

What made “us” the family to start a churchGod’s call.  It is that simple.  The truth is Mary and I were talking about leaving Long Island and moving south to Tennessee.  But God interrupted us!  I love those interruptions!  Today, we couldn’t see us raising our family and investing our lives anywhere else!  We have come to LOVE THE ISLAND!!

Are you thinking about planting a church?

  • Don’t do it because it’s cool – do it because you are called.
  • Don’t do it because you want to be the boss – do it because you desire to be blessed.
  • Don’t do it because you are anti-traditional church – do it because you want to build God’s House.
  • Don’t do it because you love the thrill of a challenge – do it because you are committed to the cause.

Church planting is awesome!  But it is awesome to our family because we are called!  The first step of planting a church anywhere is asking yourself, “Am I called?”

I believe that there are three callings that have to be answered prior to planting:

  1. Am I called to plant?  Not everyone should or could plant a church!
  2. Where am I called to plant?  What area/place/location has God placed on your heart.
  3. Who am I called to reach?  What group/type/age are you best equipped to reach.

Ready to plant?  Check your calling!


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