Church Planting 201.

God has really been pushing me to remember how it was when I first started The Point! 4 years is not a long time, but in the world of church planting 4 years is a long stretch! But what an amazing stretch it has been! God has provided so much!

In the previous post on Church Planting I wrote about the call, but I want to address the catalyst for Church Planting! You see we can accomplish a lot! And at times we can seem to do so much with the absence of this one thing.  The truth I try all the time but end up falling flat on my face.  This catalyst is the difference between being good and being great.  It separates those who talk about doing things for God and those who actually do things for God.

What is it?  Prayer & Fasting.

Seems overspiritual, right?  But the truth is you can plant a church without it and be successful.  But if you want a significant church you have to be a person of prayer and fasting.  It is the catalyst.

There is a big misconception about prayer & fasting.  Most people pray and fast when there are problems.  I would suggest that they should be done in preparation for something great.  I have always done both when I felt God preparing me, our family or our church for something.  It has always prepped the ground.

Today … I find myself starting 2012 with prayer and fasting.  Why?  Something is about to happen for the Point Church in 2012.  I feel it.

Church planter … you don’t just start your church on prayer & fasting.  You build your church by constantly praying and fasting.

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