21 years.

This week we hosted an event with Mark Batterson for over a 100 pastors from the NY Metro area.  I love those moments.  But one of the coolest moments took place when an area pastor approached one of our staff members and started talking about The Point Church moving to Hicksville.  Here’s what he said, “A group of us have been praying for 21 years for a church in Hicksville.  We feel like we have been praying circles around your church all those years – we just didn’t know the name.

It is humbling to know that we are the answer to 21 years of prayer!  Not too many churches can say they were prayed into existence for 17 years prior.  But it also propels us to know that we are part of God’s plan – birthed in and through prayer!

Here’s the thing: when God puts something on your heart – PRAY – even if it takes 21 years!!!

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