Day One.

Prayer is a lot more about God than it is about us!  You see, it starts with our BELIEF not in our prayers being answered, but BELIEF in our God!

Ok.  Follow me on this one.  The human brain contains 1 billion neurons … more than 1 trillion connections … and has an estimated storage capacity of 1 Million Gigabytes – which simply means that if your brain worked like a DVR you would be able to store 3 million hours of TV shows or simply put you would have to leave the TV running continuously for 300 years!  The cognitive capabilities of the brain are virtually without limit. And God spoke that into existence with just a word out of the dust in the ground!

That is the God we pray to!

How about this?  When you look up into the night sky you are able to see some stars … if you go upstate NY or outside the city you can see what seems to be hundreds of stars.  There are about 2,500 stars visible from earth at any one point to the naked eye … but from earth there are a total of 5,000-8,000 stars that can been seen.  But astronomers suggest that there are between 200 billion and 400 billion stars in the Milky Way.  Our God hung every single star in it’s place on the 1st day of creation when he said, “Let there be light.”

That is the God that we pray to!

How about the human head?  There are about 100,000-150,000 strands of hair on the human head.  Luke 12:7 reads, “The very hairs on your head are numbered.”  God cares about the smallest, seemingly insignificant parts of your life … have you tried counting your hair?

For some it might be a bit easier!  But even the head with the least amount of hair would find it difficult to count each strand.  But the God we pray to knows every detail of our lives … and counted every single hair Himself!

That is the God we pray to!

I think all too often we approach God with this attitude, “Why would God?” as a question.  I think we should approach every prayer as a “Why Wouldn’t God!” declarative statement!

Let’s approach the next 21 days as WHY WOULDN’T GOD!  God loves us and wants to do great things for us!  Let’s put our trust in our God not in our words!

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