Day Three.

Finally, dear brothers and sisters, we ask you to pray for us. Pray that the Lord’s message will spread rapidly and be honored wherever it goes, just as when it came to you.”
(2 Thess 3:1)

I love that expression: “pray for us.”  Prayer is so much more than a singular act on our part.  It should be a corporate act.  Prayer is energized when connected to someone else’s faith.  I have found many times for my prayer clock to tick slower when I am alone, but when I am praying with others it is like we just started – even though we have prayed an hour!

I really believe that prayer precedes potential!  It is prayer that propels us to find a sense of God’s Will for our lives.  Daniel when he initiated his fast … it wasn’t because problems where there … it was really because he wanted to unleash his potential … he wanted to rise above every other contender. And he did.  Prayer prepares us!

We may want to do significant things for Jesus, but if we do not kick-start our plans with prayers they will become nightmares!

What is God preparing you for?  That’s the question you have to ask yourself today.  Jeremiah 29:11:  “I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord.  Anyone interested in those?

Today, start your day with asking, “God what are your plans for my life?”  And when you get those you will get a sense of destiny!  You will work tirelessly for it and give your life to it.


  1. If you could do anything today, and money was no object, what would you do?
  2. What do want your eulogy to declare?
  3. What is limiting you from your potential?
  4. What can you do to unleash your full redemptive potential?

One final thought.  God-sized dreams don’t just happen!  They are prayed into existence!

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