Day 17.

Would you agree that opening blind eyes is humanly impossible?  Of course.  Jesus did it.

How about raising the dead?  Yep.  Still Jesus did it.

Giving a paralyzed man back his mobility without any equipment?  Impossible.  But Jesus did that!

Matthew 19:26:  “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible.”  You and I can’t do the impossible!  That’s why we ask the God of the impossible and improbable to handle those!

Fear is not the only thing that keeps us from praying bold prayers.  I think it really comes down to a lack of belief in God.  You see, fear is about how we look when we ask – because we are afraid of what happens when it may not be answered.  Lack of faith, is really us not putting full faith and trust in God himself.  I want to challenge us today to go to such a level of faith and trust in God that we ask Him for the impossible!

Sick?  We are going to pray God heals you no matter how bad it may look.

Potential divorce?  We are going to pray for a relational miracle no matter how long it takes.

Jobless?  Moneyless?  We are going to seek God for your breakthrough until.

Your children disconnected from God?  We are going to pray and pray and pray

God has the final word in every situation … let’s pray for the humanly impossible.


  1. What are you currently praying for that seems impossible?
  2. Are there any other times when God did something impossible for you?
  3. Do you trust that God has a proven track record?

When you feel like giving up on prayer never ever give up!

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