The Day After …

So often we feel as though when prayers are not answered immediately or instantly it is God saying, “Not for you.”  Kind of like the soup Nazi from Seinfeld.  That’s not always the case.

Sometimes delayed prayers help define/refine our potential.  You see, there were people in the Bible who had delayed answers to their prayers or delays in the fulfillment of God’s promises.

Noah waited for a 120 year old promise that God was going to flood the earth and start over.  120 years!!! (Genesis 6:3).  Noah spent between 50-70 years building the ark that would save his family!  Imagine how he felt?  Waiting on a 120 yr old promise.  People made fun of him.  They laughed at him.  They didn’t believe him.  But Noah was thinking long and trusting God!!!

How about Abraham and Sarah?  Abraham was 75 years old and Sarah was 65 when God told them they would have a child.  About 15 years later, God renews the promise.  Tack on 10 more years and finally they have Isaac.  25 years they waited!  Abraham at 100 years old and Sarah at 90.  Most of us at 75 and 65 would have never believed this promise … it was delayed 25 years but not denied.

What prayer have you prayed that hasn’t been answered yet?  Don’t pray short … think long!

What promises have you been circling?  Hold on … God will never go against his word!

Prayer is about thinking LONG.  All too often we think SHORT in our prayers.  We want quick responses to our prayers and many times that is not how it works!  What we fail to see is that God is not limited by time and He is not constrained by it!

Luke 18:1:  “Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.”

Keep praying.  Keep circling.  Never give up!

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