Did you know that one of our American presidents loved to skinny dip in the PotomacJohn Quincy Adams would wake up to hours before sunrise and take a dip.  During Adams’s presidency, he developed a system of roads, canals, bridges and even the B&O railroad to increase trade between cities.  JQA did not influence the nation to skinny dip in the Potomac, but he did influence interaction among the states by bettering the travel system.  He is not remembered much for his skinny dipping days, but everyday you drive your car on an Interstate Highway JQA has influenced your life.

I believe to be an influence you must first be influenced.  Your values influence you.  Your morals influence you.  Your upbringing … family … income … marriage … children … and the list could go on and on.  When you are influenced by the right things your life produces right results.  Influence starts with being influenced by what matters most and speaks the loudest.

I have some “isms” about influence:

  • Influence is who you are by being who you are.
  • Influence is not about control it is all about your contribution.
  • Influence makes normal people abnormally successful.
  • Influence inspires people to follow.
  • Influence is not about size, but all about impact.
  • Influence helps great men acquire great supporters.
  • Leadership is about influence.
  • To be influenced I must be influenced.
  • Your influence should always be used for the good of many.

I remember praying a simple prayer before we started The Point Church:  “Lord, if you ever give me a platform, let me use it to influence NY Metro.  Whoever I met, wherever I go let me have the courage to remind people of the need in NY metro.”  And God has opened up many doors for me and our church.  We have established EVERY relationship and moment as an opportunity to shine the light on NY metro.

I am not sure how influential I will ever become in life and ministry.  But I can tell you this the greatest influence I could ever be is in my home.  My chief ambition is to influence my family to do all that God has called them to do.  If I influence the world and have limited influence in my home I have failed.  To influence my family, my children, is to influence the future.

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