I think one of the most important functions of a leader is instinct.  It’s that ability to make an immediate decision based on your gut.  Even though I don’t believe our feelings are designed to lead us I do believe that leaders are wired with the ability to trust their God-given potential.  If you are a leader you have had to make decisions.  I have.  Many.  It seems as though daily we are asked to make decisions.  And some decisions are made with limited information.

How do you become a more instinctive leader?

  1. Make pre-decisions.  What is a “pre-decision”?  It is you making a statement like this, “If we ever owned property as a church we would leverage it for God’s Kingdom.”  To be honest, that was a pre-decision I made when we started The Point Church.  I made a commitment that if God ever blessed us with property we would use it for Him.  We have hosted several pastors meetings already and are constantly using it to inspire church planters to believe!  It was a pre-decision!
  2. Live a prayer based life.  If we are constantly living in prayer we will have an instinct for the right next step.  If we are only praying during opportunities or opposition it will take us longer to make decisions.  But if we are praying all the time I believe that God’s Spirit will speak to us and direct our lives.
  3. Learn from other instinctive leaders.  Surround yourself with opportunistic people.  Get with people who are faced with decisions all the time.  Learn from them.  Listen to them.  Watch how they lead.
  4. Get away.  Walk away from the office.  Take a vacation.  Leave early.  Make a phone call.  In other words, break the routine.  Routine can cripple your instincts.  Take time to build WHO you are and you will see WHAT you do grow.

Instincts are an art in leadership.  Whatever picture you are painting is connected to your instincts!

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