Staff Dynamic: Communication

The exchange of information is critical, but how it is exchanged is even more important.  I believe you can say anything if you say it the correct way.  Colossians 4:6:  “Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.”  In a team dynamic it is imperative that we exchange information, but it must be done in the correct way and in the right moment.

So let me give you 4 dimensions of communication within a Staff Dynamic.

1.  Feedback

Information is exchanged about a specific topic, issue or need.  You are communicating something you may have heard from another individual or your perspective.  It is informational.

2.  Push Back

Rules, systems, processes are resisted because there is a disbelief in their validity.  You voice a concern or disagreement with a statement because you feel it to not be accurate.  It is motivational.

3.  Hold Back

This is unhealthy.  You determine to undermine vision, direction and implementation.  Your words/actions are not for the health of the church, but advancing your own agenda.  It is confrontational.

4.  Thrust Forward

This communication is the healthiest.  Your offer constructive criticism AND solutions.  All too often Church Staff can be one dimensional in thrusting forward – criticism.  But if you can’t offer positive solutions then you are holding back the team, vision, process or mission.

It is imperative that we recognize which one we are communicating when we talk, meet or chat.  No one can judge our motives, but ourselves.  So evaluate before you speak:  “Which dimension of communication am I about to engage?”

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