So often we role through life faced with options – what to eat, where to go, what to do, who to hang with – and all of the options seem like they are good.  But options become opportunities when we allow God to direct those decisions.  Too often we base our adjustments on how we feel at that moment, but our values should determine the activity of our life.

Over the last 12 years of ministry I have been faced with many options, but since we started Point Church it is almost as if we have seen some God-sized opportunities come to life.  Starting a new church, buying a home, launching a second campus, purchasing a building for our main campus, meeting some amazing people and just the overall blessings of God.  The list if far too long to write.  But honestly the opportunities seem to be rolling out even quicker.

Why will God unveil opportunities?

  1. Consistency.  I believe when we are faithful to the plans and purposes of God He will unleash our potential.
  2. Integrity – there is no way around this non-negotiable.  We have to live in the center of holiness for the long-term blessings of God to be seen.
  3. Smarts – we have to know when to say YES and when to shout NO.  It’s that simple.
  4. Long-term thinking – Most opportunities dont happen overnight they are built in the oven of time.  See the whole life God has laid out for you.

No matter who you are you will have options in front of you, but I want more than options.  I want God-sized opportunities.

See them

Seize them.

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