Yesterday was an eye opening day for me as I looked through our average attendances and database.  Facts are facts.  You cant ignore them.  You cant fake them.  You can only embrace them.

Here’s what I discover:

  1. Our database of people is 5 times greater than our average attendance.
  2. Our monthly attenders is only 35% of our overall database.
  3. 59% of our church attends 2+ times per month.
  4. 41% of our church attends only 1 time per month.

41%.  Wow.  Talking with a friend yesterday he helped me realize that what we are experiencing is coastal, city-church culture.  Sadly a huge chunk of our church is attending a service only 10-14 times per year!  How do people grow?

There has to be a place where Christ trumps culture!

So many people prioritize the wrong things above Jesus.  But if Jesus is all that matters then He must take priority in our everyday, ordinary lives!

Our goal for the next 7 months is to lower 41% to 25% and increase our church’s consistency and faithfulness to Hebrews 10:25.  There are over 30 commands in the NT that believers cannot do without being part of the church!  We need the church!

What are we doing to change that culture?

  1. Thinking long-term.
  2. Launching our Growth Track.
  3. Re-tooling our Small Groups.
  4. Creating more opportunities in outreach.

We will change culture!


  1. Are you saying no one attends weekly?

    • Todd Bishop says:

      No. We have many that do – probably 30% – we didnt dive too deep beyond 2+ times. 59% of our church attends 2+ times per month (meaning 2-4 Xs per month). That # includes weekly.

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