Buffalo, NY

It was 16 years ago that I left my hometown of Buffalo, NY.  I never went back.  Never had a reason to.  But last week I ventured back to ‘good ol Buff‘ for a ministers meeting.  A lot had changed but many things that I remember where still there.

I did not realize how emotional it would be driving onto Transit Road again.  I saw familiar sites.  Drove by the “Yellow Jaguar” – a club we used to roll into from time to time – TEDS Hot Dogs (Best dogs in the US), DUFFS (Best wings ever) & MIGHTY TACO (great on the way down, but look out later).

One of the coolest moments was walking onto my old high school – Cheektowaga Central.  Lots of memories and many great times.

Here’s what I have learned:  “Where you start doesn’t determine where you will end up.  It just reveals how far you have come.”  I have come a long ways since leaving Buffalo.  But I will never forget where I have come from – it has shaped me!


  1. Alan Washburn II says:

    It was a pleasure having you come to GLC and to get to know you. If you had not left Buffalo I would never have had the opportunity to be ministered to under you or to minister with you. Thank you for obeying the call of God it was a true pleasure.

  2. Todd Bishop says:

    Thanks Alan. I was so honored to serve at GLC. Can’t imagine my past without that place – I learned more than I did in Bible College.

  3. I’ve known you for just about 12 years and I have Bren inspired by your buffalo stories so to be a part of that group of people that got to take that trip down memory lane with you was encouraging and inspiring. PT for as long as I have known you you’ve been a man of charachter and integrity and I will always be indebted to you and Mary for seeing the potential God had for me when others even see me. It has been an honor for the last 12 years to call you pastor, pop & friend. Thank you for taking a chance on me and believing in me. I am so honored to know you as the man you have become. Thank you for doing life with people like me and helping others to see that we/ they do not have to be a product of their enviornment. I truly LOVE, Respect, and admire you!!!!

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