Why We Went Multi-Site?

We get asked this question all the time – especially considering that we were barely 4 years old when we launched our 2nd campus.  Let me say this: multi-site is not for everyone.  It has its challenges and rewards.  For Point Church the rewards far outweigh any of the challenges or issues we have encountered!

Here are the reasons we decided to go multi-site:

  1. It is Biblical.  Paul sets the example for starting new churches.  He planted, raised up emerging leaders but still was the overseer of those churches for a pretty extensive length of time.  Paul did a pretty fantastic job teaching this young church to do the same exact thing.
  2. It is what God showed Mary and I back in 2007.  “That we would be a church that raises up more churches/campuses/locations.”  It was something that God placed in our hearts.  Once again, not for everyone.  You can’t duplicate vision.
  3. It demonstrates a partnership mentality to church planting.  “In the beginning God created.”  Three persons in conjunction with each other created the world.  God demonstrated team dynamics to creating.  Creating a new church requires partnerships.
  4. It is less expensive than planting a new church.  The entire budget is streamlined and the main campus staff assists in all areas.
  5. A church planter can feel isolated, but a multi-site naturally builds team dynamics.  I know how hard it was to plant Point Church … even though there were people around me not many knew what it was to plant a church … I often felt alone in the trenches.  That’s why Mary and I decided to be a church that launches …………… more.
  6. The New York District of the AG asked us to in 2011.  The church in Babylon was in danger of closing.  We were approached by the NYD to “take over” this church to re-launch a new work as a multi-site of Point Church.  We agreed!!!
  7. God ratified our vision by sending resources.  I was able to secure nearly $100,000 to help launch a Point Church campus in Babylon.  Without our financial support Babylon would not be able to survive.  The multi-site approach is proven with loads of potential!!!  But without our partnership it would have closed.
  8. We support multi-site campuses.  We believe so much in multi-sites that we invested in Hillsong NYC when it first began and Potential Church (launching NYC campus in 2013).
  9. We support traditional church planting.  We have partnered with several dozen churches with finances, coaching, relationship & partnership from all over the country!  It is awesome to help build “the” church not just “a” church!!

I love our vision and am more committed than ever to see this vision come to life.  In fact, we have about 3 potential plants targeted for the next 2 years.  Wow!!!

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  1. Mari says:

    I pray that the Lord help you expand your vision and use you as an example to others to understand that having sister churches and helping other churches is only part of God’s plan. The purpose of all churches is the same … to work towards the same objective and serve the same God.
    God bless you.

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