I am not a huge fan of thrusting people into positions too quickly.  In fact, I believe the Bible encourages people to be proven individuals.

“There is another evil I have seen under the sun. Kings and rulers make a GRAVE MISTAKE when they give great authority to foolish people and low positions to people of proven worth” (Ecc. 10:5-6)

Here are a couple of core convictions:

  1. Not everyone should have a platform in our ministry.  All too often we either place too quickly or we don’t vet people well enough.  I have discovered that those who desire to jump in on “their terms” will always leave us frustrated.  I believe we have to be selective in what we allow into our ministries.
  2. Only those proven should be positioned.  “Lay hands on no man suddenly” (1 Tim 5:22).  We have to see people’s growth and make sure that they have truly embraced our vision, mission and values.
  3. If you spend more time in selection you will spend less time in correction.  I have an expression that we should be “patient in the process.”  And that holds firm in enlisting more people.
  4. No title without a timeline.  I think we would do better if we did not give people open-ending positions and platforms.  This allows you to step back from releasing someone because we “talked about a 6 month commitment”.
  5. Correct/remove quickly.  Don’t delay the inevitable.  Bring correction and direction ASAP.  Even if you committed to someone too early – own it – step back – and get on track.

Proven.  First you have to ask, “Am I a proven leader?”  Second, you ask, “How do I raise up proven leaders?”

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  1. PT-

    You continue to PROVE that you are a man worth trusting. Thank you for being who you are. For taking steps that have been hard to take and for never “leaving a man behind.”. You’ve always been a man of integrity, honor and passion. I have always admired you as my pastor and pop! Thanks for being someone I could look up to, someone that is truly PROVEN! And thank you for inspiring me to become someone proven as I grow into who God has for me to be.

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