Hicksville Street Fair

Next to preaching I love getting “in” the city and meeting people.  And yes, we met a lot of people on Sunday at The Hicksville Street Fair.  I would guess we were able to connect with 700+ people via invite cards, hello’s, candy & giveaways.  It was simply amazing!  There was probably 3 times as many people as last year!  Wow!  So many people were open to talk about FAITH too – amazed at how so many are looking for hope and answers!

Church, we can’t get stuck just invited people to come to us – we must be willing to go to them.  Let’s not just create good events – let’s join some good community events and bring Jesus to our cities!

Now, it’s time for Point Church to enjoy the fruit of many weeks of hard work.  Time to relax a bit and get ready for the fall!!!
LEADERSHIP PRINCIPLE:  You can’t always work hard – even the church needs a sabbath!!!

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