Stand Differently.

(1 Kings 18)

Elijah set himself up to be different.  To stand out from the crowd.

So often we make a list of reasons why we can’t … instead of focusing on the God who makes us able!

I am ordinary.”  A lot of people get stuck because they simply think they are like everyone else.

Church, you are not ordinary – you are extraordinary … God designed your life for purpose and potential.  You can stand different because you are different … you are unique … there is no one like you.

I am in a nowhere job.”  Your job may not be what you exactly want it to be … but God is using it to give you the means to the way.

Stand differently … view your job as a gift from God, not the grinding of life.

I am not good at anything.”  I believe every person is a “10” in something.  The Bible teaches us that “every believer has a gift” – that means God has equipped, enabled and empowered you for something.

Identify what God wants you to do — not what you wish you could do!

You are unlike anyone else – that means you will stand differently.  Elijah could have blended in … he could have settled for status quo but he determined to BE DIFFERENT … to STAND as who He was!  That has to be us too.

Be who you are.  Be who God made you to be.  You are unique.

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  1. Mari says:

    From time to time, we need to hear this from somebody else. Everyday’s problems & worries sometimes brings us to that dark place where we feel powerless of doing what we’re suppose to do, be & follow. God is the only one that can help us surpass and get to where we are supposed to be….. Sometimes, we need to be reminded that with him everything is possible. Thank you for the message, pastor.

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