Sex is a Sacred.

God is pro-sex.  He created it … he encourages it.  Sex is a topic throughout the entire Bible … and sometimes a negative sexual experience is used to teach a lesson … but it is there!!!!  Sex is a spiritual thing.  Remember sex is something you are before it is something you do.  God made you sexual.  And that is what makes it so sacred.  It is special and needs to be treated as a treasure!!!!

Hebrews 13:4:  “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.”  “The marriage bed kept pure” – what does that mean?  It simply means that if you are single you don’t invite anyone into your bed except your spouse … and if you are married you don’t invite anyone in except your spouse – pretty simple.  We have devalued marriage … and sex.  We have made it a “physical thing” but God’s Word teaches us it is sacred.

Sex is really a form of worship!  Ok … don’t freak out right now … but anything that God created in its purest form is an opportunity to worship!  So Sex is really about WHO you worship … if you worship God you will ask God to give you the strength to honor Him by saving yourself … or if you have already had sex as a single, then you can make a fresh commitment today … and if your desire is to truly worship God then as a married you will be committed to your marriage in all ways.  But if you worship yourself or your own ideas then you will engage in the defiled variations of God’s plan for sex.

Choose to honor God with your sexuality.  After all, if God authored it then only he can alter it.


  1. Trey Medley says:

    I agree with everything you’ve written here, and yet… I just can’t help but wonder if the Church has become too sex obsessed. When Prominent pastors are coming out with sex books that are far too detailed (Mark Driscoll) or hosting online video for a “marriage weekends” in a bed on top of their church (Ed Young), things are getting a little bit too crazy. The culture around us has long been sex obsessed, and while the Church should say something, I’m not sure agreeing that “sex is good” is the right way to go (I don’t think anyone is disputing that point). It seems to me, and this is just starting to form in my head, that the problem with how our society views sex is not fundamentally about sex. It’s about pleasure and our supposed “right” to be happy (which is always understood as experiencing pleasure). I’m not saying we go around downcast all the time, we can be truly happy and find pleasure in God. But I do wonder if we need to correct our focus. If we need to understand that not everyone has a right to the same kind of pleasure as everyone else. Sometimes we need to discipline ourselves not to want pleasure. That seems to be the fundamental issue between how the world views sex and how the church should view sex (a different view of pleasure). Instead, it seems that almost all the recent stuff about sex coming from Christian leaders is focused on the pleasure and goodness it inside a marriage, and virtually nothing is said about the need for discipline. The focus for the unmarried is delayed gratification and for the married is appropriate gratification. Sometimes, we need to talk about how we don’t need gratification (and how that’s a myth thrust upon us by others). Again, sorry to use your blog as a platform, this just got me thinking.

    • Todd Bishop says:

      It has to be taught, but it has to be taught in a way that glorifies God. I loved your comment … very thought provoking.

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