Notes from #ReCharge2012 w/ @BilCornelius

I had a blast bringing our team to Shore Fellowship – led by Pastor Tim & Donna Chambers.  They are banging it out of the park in the Northeast.  Amazing church in NJ – pastored by a great family.  Tim brought in Bil Cornelius, author of Go Big & lead pastor at Bay Area Fellowship – he was inspiring.  In fact, I believe he is the King of one-liners.

Here’s some random ADD liners:

  • Churches die for the same reason babies die -> Low Birth Weight.
  • There is a difference between growth and swelling.
  • Growth has painful moments.
  • No church automatically grows.  It is intentional.
  • If your leadership doesn’t grow your church wont grow.
  • Get rid of excuse-itis.
  • Pentecost – God’s idea of natural marketing.
  • Packaging matters.  We must have a critical eye “man looks on the outside”
  • Are you attractive?  Are you presenting the best you possible?
  • One of the most most basic building blocks:  People want to hang with winners!
  • The Pastor is the most important building block of the church.
  • Organizations are shadows of their leaders.
  • We have enough pastors – we need some more prophets!
  • What the world needs is the uniqueness of YOU.
  • What you pursue you earn.  What you earn you keep.
  • Pastor, you cannot surrender your agenda to whiners!
  • The more stable your church appears the most stable families you will attract.
  • There are people who wont move the church forward, but who are just along for the ride.
  • Jesus only hung out with leaders, losers & lost people.
  • Every leader, like Zaccheus, is short in some area.
  • Space defines expectations.
  • Concentrate your dollars.
  • Create demand with compelling topics & simple illustrations.
  • Honor opens doors.
  • Speak Up.  You can grow your church by speaking it up!
  • Language matters.  Use the right words.

I love how Bil finished the seminar.  He talked on prayer.  He challenged us to pray.  He inspired us.  All of the above doesn’t matters unless we are first people of prayer.

I am a numbers guy.  So I wanted to know how many hours I have prayed so far for the vision, people & plans of Point Church.  So I start every day praying for 30 minutes – 15 minutes is spent on our family; 10-15 minutes on our church.  So I multiplied the number of days since God spoke to Mary and I to plant a church, subtracted 10% of number (just in case I missed a few days – which I am sure I did) and came up with 6,778 hours of prayer.  That is a lot of prayer!  But that doesn’t include staff meetings or prayer gatherings or times during the day when I just stopped to pray.

PASTOR – you must outpray your church if you expect God to do the impossible & improbable.

CHURCH – you must run hard after the example your pastors are setting for you.

“If my people PRAY, humble themselves & seek my face, then I will turn from heaven, hear their prayers and heal their land” (2 Chron 7:14).  It all begins with prayer!  Let’s pray our churches to life!!!

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