Proximity Matters.

There were a lot of people in the Bible who found themselves CLOSE TO GOD and it changed their lives forever!

JOSEPH – started his life as a slave and then a prisoner … only to become Pharaoh’s right hand man!  He had the right proximity!

MOSES – was leading a bunch of sheep when God told him, “No more sheep, it is time to lead.”  He leads God’s people toward the promised land.

GIDEON – was just a farmer when God called him to lead Israel in freedom from the Midianites.

ESTHER – she was just a slave when God called her to rescue her people from being slaughtered.

MARY – the mother of Jesus.  She was not chosen because of her good looks or stature in the community – she was just a peasant girl who would give birth to the Messiah.

MATTHEW – was a tax collector.  Most people could not stand them.  But he became 1 of the 12 disciples and wrote 1 of the Gospels.

DAVID – a shepherd, a boy.  But God used him to defeat Goliath.  And this unlikely hero would eventually become King! In 1 Samuel 13:14 the Bible says about David, “The Lord sought out a man after his own heart.”

You see, what these 7 people had in common was their PROXIMITY, not their perfection.  That’s why these ordinary people were able to do extraordinary things – they found a closeness to God!  Our proximity to God is vital for our relationship with God to continue to grow!  The reality is that you and I were created to have relationship with God – a closeness to him.  Adam and Eve had that unique, original design for relationship with God!  Our God wants us to have that again … to get in his radar … to be more than just a blip that shows up every so often …

Let me ask you a question: If God was where you are right here, right now, what would you be doing?  Move toward him today!

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  1. Being a “nobody” leave all the more reason God can turn you into a “somebody.” Thanks for the reminder that who we are born or who others think we are, isn’t always who or what God intends. #frp

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