Lessons Learned from Ps Joel and Victoria Osteen

Mary and I were given a tremendous opportunity 2 years ago.  Huge.  A dear friend, Ps Buddy Cremeans invited us to a small breakfast with Pastor Joel Osteen and his mother Dodie.  Since that moment we have developed a great relationship with Ps Joel & Victoria.  We, along with several other pastors, have had breakfast with them, spent time together at Nights of Hope, represented Long Island at national events, shot promo videos and most recently enjoyed Lakewood first-hand plus had lunch in their home!  It is an honor that we will never take for granted.

In fact, several months ago someone prophesied to me:  “God will put you among kings and princes’. You will find yourself in places you could never position yourself.”  I really feel that word is coming to life.  Yesterday I found myself sitting among some of the greatest pastors in the nation – it was hard to take in.

Ps Joel Osteen with Todd & Mary Bishop

What have I learned from Joel & Victoria over the last couple of years:

  1. God honors humility.  After several conversations with Joel & Victoria I can tell you that they are extremely humble and they recognize every blessing is from God.
  2. Dont believe everything you read.  Not everything posted, written or shared by pastors, reporters, “theologians” is accurate.
  3. Excellence is in the details.  From our first experience at Lakewood Church I can tell that they pay attention to details.  The place is immaculate.  Everyone is friendly – even my friend Rick, one of their security guards.
  4. Heritage matters.  Joel learned from watching his dad for years.  He learned how to pray.  He learned how to worship.  All this from his parents.
  5. Never stop dreaming.  Joel & Victoria are still dreaming.  Most people would think, “I am good. Largest church in America.  We are ok.”  Not the Osteens.  They believe there are more people that need Jesus.
  6. Focus on your skillsets.  Joel & Victoria focus on what they are called and gifted at – much like their entire staff.
  7. Surround yourself with the right people.  Joel & Victoria have enlisted a champion team of leaders around them.  The right people help you go further faster.  They have an A-Game Team.
  8. Never cave to the critics.  Joel & Victoria have their share of critics (I am not one of them) – but they have chosen to stay focused on what matters – winning the world for Jesus.  They don’t get into debates.  “You will know them by their fruit.”  Over 1.3 million people have made decisions for Jesus in the last 10 years through their ministry.  Wow.  That’s fruit!
  9. Live today for future generations.  Our responsibility is to pave the way for the next generation.  To make sure we are giving a Christ-honoring legacy.
  10. Pastoring is their passion.  To watch Joel & Victoria pray for every person that came forward in the middle of the service was inspiring.  They love their church.  Here’s the thing – they take time to greet every single person that attends – that they can get to.  Wow.

You learn a lot about people when they worship.  Sitting behind Joel & Victoria this weekend at Lakewood Church I saw a couple that is passionate about Jesus.  Their worship demonstrates their amazing love for their Savior.

{Plus Mary loved talking with Victoria about home-schooling}

We had a fantastic 4 days at Lakewood Church in Houston, TX.  I am so honored to be part of Pastor Joel & Victoria’s Champions Network.  It has been more of a blessing to us than words can describe.  Mary and I are so humbled and honored by this friendship!

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