Backwards To Go Forwards

Have you ever felt like you had to move BACK in order to find your way FORWARD.  There have been many times in my life that this has taken place.  Most times you cannot see the potential when you are standing too close – you have to step back!

There will be times when it “feels” like you are moving backwards, but God is actually moving you forward!  The cross of Jesus is the greatest example of this – on the outside the cross looked like Jesus had failed – at least to those who didn’t know the whole story like we do – but the backwards of the cross led to the forward of our salvation.

3 years ago we entered a partnership with a church in Babylon, NY.  It was 3 years of feeling like we had been going backwards.  But in God’s economy a set-back is often a set-up for something greater.  Over the last few months we have experienced several breakthroughs!  A few weeks ago we closed on a property that has been for sale for over a year and we took our first step toward becoming portable – we bought a trailer!

The Box - Point Church

Point Church is going back to its humble beginnings by launching our Deer Park Campus in a movie theater in Deer Park, NY.  Most new churches want to own their building right away … but we are selling 2 of our properties so we can be portable again!

But we know this backwards will propel us forward!  We are so excited about this Campus and so honored to have Matt Bellomo leading the campus.  We are moving FORWARD!

Look out Deer Park!