Evict the Discouragers!

Don’t allow those in your circle of influence to discourage you!  There is enough wrong in the world – we don’t need people to talk down our dreams … talk down our goals … I have discovered some people just need a kick in their attitude!!!

If someone is constantly bringing you down or “helping” you see what’s wrong … remind them that your hope is in God and not in them.  The Bibles tells us to “encourage each other every day” (Hebrews 3:13).  You should be the most encouraging person on the planet!

Encourage someone right now … send them a text or an email and let them know – “God has something great for their life.”  Evict the discouragers! Invite the encouragers!

Paul told the church in Colossians that he was sending Tychicus to “encourage them.”  God is sending you to encourage the people he brings you to.  Find someone and build them up.  Lift their spirits.  Increase their capacity by elevating their potential.

Serving as a youth pastor for over 14 years I discovered that “friends are like elevators they will either take you up or down.”  First, we ought to be those who bring people up.  Second, we can’t inundate our life with people who bring us down.

Everyday – encourage someone.  Everyday.

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