I am blessed.  There I said it.  I am not ashamed of it or pridefully bragging.  I am celebrating the goodness of God.  Even if I do not have the Audi I always wanted or the house on the North Shore of Long Island – I am blessed.

God has blessed me with …

  1. A relationship with him through Jesus Christ.
  2. An amazing bride in Mary Bishop
  3. Three healthy and happy kids – Malachi, Abigayl & Bethany.
  4. Family and friends.
  5. A wonderful church – Point Church

Notice my greatest blessings have nothing to do with STUFF.  It has everything to do with people.  Be thankful for the people God has placed around you.  Family & friends are what makes life so much better.

Recognize today: YOU are blessed.  WE are blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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