Lessons from Inside Lakewood w/ Joel and Victoria Osteen

Lakewood ChurchThis week I had the privilege to take a trip with my family and staff to INSIDE LAKEWOOD with a day of leadership lessons and principles with Joel & Victoria Osteen.  Mary and I have had the privilege to be around the Osteens for the past few years, but this was exciting because we were able to bring the staff with us to SEE what we see in Joel & Victoria.

One of the most interesting things about Lakewood Church is that it took 13 years for the church to break the 200 barrier.  Wow.  There have been a lot of seeds planted in its 50 year history that have made this amazing church what it is today.

So here are some leadership lessons/things I learned:

  1. In order to see what God sees you have to raise your level of expectation (Victoria).
  2. Leaders always have to take their limits off of God (Joel).
  3. God places within you the desires of your heart (Joel).
  4. In a service not a moment can be wasted.  It is way too easy to get sloppy.
  5. A great service is built on consistency.
  6. A church of 1,000 needs a thousand guests each year to maintain its size.  You basically have to grow 20% per year to stay the same.
  7. Church should be a celebration.
  8. Joel will change anything/everything if he feels it needs to be changed.
  9. 90% of Lakewoods efforts go into the weekend services.
  10. Joel’s key to preaching: Keep it simple and leave people with 1 thought.
  11. John Osteen built Lakewood to 6,000 people w/ 20 staff members – he believed in volunteers.
  12. Churches should be forever young – use the young people in your church – on the stage and behind the scenes.
  13. Your greatest seed is the people in your church.
  14. Don’t build a road for the next generation – build a ramp (Israel Houghton).
  15. God gives you the grace for the criticism you face.  If you don’t have any critics find some.
  16. If you can’t celebrate where someone else is God will never bring you there.
  17. I would rather have influence than income (Joel).
  18. When you have great influence you will have great opposition (Lisa Osteen Comes).
  19. Lakewood is built on a culture of honor (Paul Osteen).
  20. You can’t keep good people if you don’t empower them.
  21. Let people use their gifts and talents – but keep them aligned with your vision.
  22. Understate your success.

ITodd Bishop & Joel Osteen am so privileged to have a friendship with Pastors Joel & Victoria.  They have influenced our ministry in so many ways.  But they have influenced me as a pastor even more!  This has been one of the greatest resources to Mary and I.  Thank you Pastor Buddy Cremeans for making the introduction!!!

There is so much to these amazing pastors.  Joel & Victoria are some of the most humble people I have ever met – they work very hard – and they are extremely loyal.  The greatest thing I love about this family is that they are who they are – what you see in public is who they are in private.

This is a friendship I will treasure and protect!

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