See What God Sees

There are three areas where we need to see what God sees.

First, we have to see what God sees in us.  This is very difficult for a lot of people … let me be honest this is often difficult for me.  We can easily look at our life through the lens of our failures, mistakes, past and shortcomings.  Beyond that we can label our lives by not just what we did wrong … but what we failed to do right.

Anybody been there?  And we wonder why it is hard for us to see our potential … that’s all because our vision is blurred by our own limitations.

Second, He also wants us to see what He sees in our circumstances.  This is even more difficult because if our circumstances are currently messed up, screwed up, and blurred up … we have a hard time seeing God’s hand in the difficulty and His hand in the process.

Scripture teaches that “the steps of the godly are directed by the Lord.”  That means God is going to use that challenge … that problem … and that storm to bring direction, correction, confirmation and yes your destination.  Don’t let the current condition discourage you – choose to see what God sees.

Third … and this is the hardest … we have to see what God sees in others!  I know … you are thinking right now … the other two were ok … but you don’t know what that person did to me … you have no clue what they said about me … they hurt me … they cheated on me … they beat me down …  God doesn’t see anything in that person … they lied to me, abused me, used me.

Are you asking me to SEE positive in that person?  Yes, I am … simply because God saw the good in us … he saw our potential, and he even saw our sin.  Yes, that person may deserve the stare! But choose to see what God sees — a son/daughter that He loved enough to send Jesus.

We have to learn to see what God sees!  Here’s why: If you learn to see what God sees you will eventually seize what God sees.

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