Praise has to come from the right place.

So many people are looking for the praise of people … they want every one to like them … to cheer for them … applaud them … and join them.  But it is easy to cheer from the stands.  After the Palm Sunday Parade had ended … guess where Jesus ended up? With his twelve disciples at Bethany (Mark 11:11). Jesus found himself with those closest to Him. He walked away from the crowds. In fact, when people were cheering Jesus on it never went to his head … pride never settled in … because he knew that praise/honor had to come from the right place.

Jesus’ ministry started with praise.  Jesus just finished being baptized by John the Baptist … the Holy Spirit comes on Him in great power and a voice from Heaven declares, “You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy” (Luke 3:22).  Jesus had not done one great miracle at this point.  And God declared, “I am happy with you.”

Don’t live for the applause of people – live for the approval of God!  Man, we try and find the approval of everyone. Have you ever noticed that?  We want to please everyone!  This is a hard lesson I have had to learn: I will never make everyone happy!  Someone once said: “I really cannot give you the formula for success. But I can give you the formula for failure. It’s this: Try to please everyone.”

The praise I want … the approval I long for … must be … always be … God’s.

Praise has to come from the right place.

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