Unexpected Promotion.

I have learned one major lesson over the last 15 years of ministry – “You don’t have to find God’s favor, it will find you.”  Listen to what Psalm 23:6 declares, “Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life.”  His favor, mercy, love and promotion will find us where we are.

And the only thing that we need to do in the process is remain faithful to God – because God favors the faithful.  You see, when you are faithful to your wife – your marriage will have God’s favor.  When you are a faithful parent – your children will experience God’s blessings.  When you are faithful in your job – God will give you the promotion you need.

Many times promotion comes when we are not looking for it.  That means we always have to be ready for an unexpected promotion.

Moses did not plan his whole life to lead God’s people out of slavery … it was an unexpected promotion.

Mary did not decide she would be the mother of Jesus … no, she was called to it … unexpected promotion.

In the middle of what you are going through … facing difficulty or challenge … always be prepared there could be an unexpected door or opportunity that is thrown open for you!  Live ready because favor is about to find you!

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