I think that one of the healthiest things to do is to hit the pause button on life – to simply stop what you are doing, realign, reflect and recalibrate!  It is critical in ministry to come up for air.  In fact, even Jesus did.  Matthew 14:23 tells us that Jesus “went up on the mountainside by himself to pray.”  Jesus moved away from the crowds to prepare himself, pray and pause.  If Jesus needed a break, then so do we!

Changing your position (where you are) often changes your perspective (where you can be)!

1.  Teaching Pause
There are times in ministry, as a pastor, that you should pause from preaching.  This is challenging for me because I love to speak.  But just because you love something that does not mean you should do it without taking a break.  Professional athletes don’t perform year round – their bodies could not handle it.  And pastors should not preach year around – their emotions cannot handle it.  Take 2 weeks off.  Invite guest speakers. Pause.

2.  Weekly Pause
This one is hard for me.  But God knew the pressure of life would intensify so he gave us a prescriptive – “Keep the sabbath day holy” = no work.  Each week we all need time to breathe and take a break.  As a pastor since 1995 I can tell you how vital this is to our personal spiritual, emotional, relational and physical health.  I try and enjoy my day off with my family … try!

3.  Family Vacations
I did not grow up with family vacations.  From time to time we would go on a local camping trip, but nothing really major.  Mary has taught me to love vacation and to take that time and invest in my family.  In fact, that’s what I am doing now … pausing … so my wife and kids can know that they are still my priority.  We have been having a blast!  From Disney to Monster Trucks to Alligators to Aquariums to beaches …

Bishop Road Trip 2015

I have a confession to make.  I am not superhuman.  I need a breather and need it often – and I really needed it.  One of the greatest things that I can do for Church Unleashed is STOP doing ministry and ENJOY my family.

Healthy churches are always led by healthy leaders.”  Healthy leaders will know when hit the PAUSE button.  I did.

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