Stay Positive.

Negativity starts in the mind. It always starts with a thought and that thought becomes words and those words become choices and those choices become your life.

You have to stay positive in your mind.  The Bible says it this way, “As a person thinks within himself, so is he.” (Prov 23:7 – NASB).  You are a product of your thoughts.

We can’t focus on everything wrong … we have to see what is right in our lives!  Here’s what I have learned, “Your outlook becomes your outcome.”  You see, negative things may come TO you, but they do not have to pass THRU you.

Stay positive!

What keeps us from being positive? Or why do we always see the negative before we see the positive?

  • Unpleasant Past – so many people live in the past instead of learn from it. I am not diminishing what you may have experienced, but I know that holding on to the past can cripple your potential.
  • Unreasonable People – the world is filled with negative people. Too many people who only see the black dot – they fail to see all the good stuff happening around them.
  • Uncertain Future – some get stuck in the black dot hole because they can’t see anything in front of them – the good or the bad. They are uncertain – so they become negative – which means they never move forward.
  • Negative Inner-Dialogue – this is huge – I think a lot of times we are self-toxic because we repeat the negative thoughts, words or whatever over and over again in our heads.

Did you realize it takes 10 positive comments to override 1 negative comment?

Our world makes it difficult to stay positive.  That’s why if we are positive – if we see God’s goodness in everything we experience –  people will notice a difference in you.

Stay positive. Its one of the greatest actions you can make with your life.

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