Raise Your Praise.

Here’s something that I have learned: “Your praise will intensify God’s power but it will also intimidate the enemy’s plans.”  Celebrate Jesus.

When you are going through difficulty, facing a challenge or feeling down that is the time to RAISE YOUR PRAISE.  When you praise walls fall down … miracles take place … healing happens … prayers are answered … unexpected promotion comes … favor is released.

Scripture declares, “Let the praises of God be in their mouths, and a sharp sword in their hands” (Psalm 149:6).  Your praise intensifies God’s power, but it also intimidates the plans of the enemy. When you praise in the middle of problems – the enemy does not know what to do.  He runs around confused because he can’t stop your praise.

Praise silences the critics and your false accuser.  No matter what praise God.  Thank Him.  Honor Him. Love Him. Serve Him.  This will propel you to the next level.

Raise your praise!!!

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