Leaders are learners.

One of the things I know God has called me to do is “create opportunities for leaders to learn.”  I have been doing that for the last 15 years of ministry.  Investing in pastors/leaders gives me a refresh.  I get ignited.  Tomorrow we are hosting Pastor Mark Batterson at our Fall Leadership Roundtable – it is going to be amazing.  It is another opportunity to invest in leaders.

Roundtable with Mark Batterson

Leaders who stop learning will eventually stop leading!  Find environments to grow and feed your spirit!  You, as a leader, will never just go to the next level you will GROW to the next level.  I am ready to grow yet again.

Today I am praying for the 140 pastors/leaders registered for our FREE Leadership Roundtable.  I pray that God encourages and inspires.  I believe this will be a ministry altering moment for many.  We need every Bible-teaching, Jesus-loving Jesus to grow to reach the masses!

Plus I will be leading a bonus session after lunch called – “10 Keys to Building a Next Level Church/Ministry.”  Can’t wait to see what God does!!!

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