I am back.

I took a 3 month hiatus from blogging on Leadership to build my leadership.  All too often we listen to “experts” who are no longer honing their craft or using their gifts.  I wanted to stop … refocus … and recalibrate.  So here is my kick-start … re-start … learnings from a simple minded leader – ME.


Leaders are always growing.  They take time to learn.  A leader who is not learning will not continue to lead for long.  Leading requires learning.  Learning opens doors for leading.  They work together.

Leaders are always flowing.  A wise leader will operate in their skill set and calling. They won’t step out of their lane or gifts.  Too many leaders today are trying to flow in someone else area.  No.  Be who God called you to be.  Lead were God called you to lead.  Flow in your destiny.

Leaders are always sowing.  They invest in others.  A wise leader will reproduce themselves in someone else.  Who are you sowing into?  Who are you spending time developing?

You see, leadership is not a title you are given – it is a call you have answered.  Find your groove.  Get in it.  Then watch how God opens more doors for your life.

Lead well. Lead long.  Keep growing, flowing and sowing!

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