Multiply 2016: Lessons from Dr @davidcrosbyjr

Well, it was another great day on Thursday at MULTIPLY 2016 – hosted by Joe & Ruth Nieves, pastors of Transformation Church, in Middletown, NY.  All I can say is WOW.  It was the best Multiply that I have attended.471907607

This year the Roundtable presenter was Dr. Dave Crosby of Community Church in the Poconos.  He laid some leadership truth bombs on us.

Here are some of my learnings:

  1. God puts the sharpest tools in the hardest soil. That’s the Northeast.
  2. The curse of knowledge: “we think what we know everyone knows.”
  3. 95% of churches never parent/plant another church.
  4. The local church does not just have the power to change culture but to create it.
  5. “Can you?” is not the same question as “Should you?”
  6. Whenever you change something you will lose people.  Choose who you lose.
  7. Average person attends church 1.7 x’s per month.
  8. Visionary leaders break something that is not broken.
  9. What got you to here will not take you to there.
  10. Read your way out of ruts.
  11. The world is looking for healthy churches.
  12. Becoming a disciple is about transformation.  Making disciples is about multiplication.
  13. Young people in your church need to be visible.
  14. A pastors private life influences their public ministry.
  15. Over 70% of pastors feel discouraged.
  16. “How is it with your soul?” Charles Wesley
  17. The root determines the fruit.
  18. If you forget your why you will lose your way.

Amazing.  Only just a small portion of what I learned.  Wow.  Look out for next year. BAM.

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