Leadership Happens Behind The Scenes


I have discovered that most leadership decisions, actions and movements happen behind the scenes long before it is scene in the spotlight.  Public ideas come from private thoughts.  Public achievements start in private dreams.

There are too many people who ONLY want to lead in public eye, but they have a hard time figuring out that leadership happens behind the scenes.  It is seen in what others cannot see.  The hours of strategic planning, creative thought and personal prayer.  You see, a lot of people what to experience the public success that others have, but they are unwilling to pay the private price.

When Mary and I first started Church Unleashed in 2008 I started to catalog the hours of prayer that I have prayed for our church.  I stopped keeping the log … but I the last time I logged I figured out that I had prayed 8,776 hours for Church Unleashed.  Wow.  Behind the scenes prayer has led to what we are seeing today.

Pastor Brandon Ball said, “Everyone wants the XYZ’s of ministry without the ABC’s of faithfulness.”  How true is that?  We want everything for nothing … we want the promotion without the hard work.  We want what someone else has without doing what they have done.

Never think that public success comes without personal sacrifice!  Start leading behind the scenes!

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