Legacy. It’s more important than what you know. It is who you are and what you pass on.  My grandparents handed down a legacy. They both came to faith in Christ later on in life.  My grandfather, Leonard Janik, born in 1914 – served in the military and retired from the railroad – and my grandmother, Genevieve Skarupinski, born in 1916 and worked most of her adult life as a seamstress.

They both inspired me in different ways.  My grandfather taught me maturity, wisdom and endurance. My grandmother taught me tithing, a love for God’s Word and reading.  I learned from “those with a good example” how to pattern my life.  They gave us more than an inheritance or a savings account … they passed on to our family a spiritual legacy of faith, hope and love.

Pass The BatonYou and I have the same opportunity – to build a legacy of faith … to inspire the next generation … to create a better tomorrow for everyone who will come after us.  You see, we are called to PASS THE BATON of faith.  A relay team in track only has one person run at a time, but when they finish their lap they must pass the baton to the next runner … that exchange is critical.  The baton has to be passed at the right moment.


I believe we must begin to pass the baton of faith in greater ways to the next generation.  As Keith Shaw, Pastor of Shirley Assembly of God Church says, “The race is won or lost in the exchange.”

My mission as a pastor is to continually pass the baton … to inspire people … no matter their age to run their race … my mission is to pass the baton.  Each of us has a baton to pass to the next generation.  Pass the right baton.

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