Hillsong Leadership Network Luncheon w/ @BrianCHouston

I am so honored by the friendships that God has allowed me to establish over the past 8 years.  It is nothing short of miraculous.  I am just a child of Buffalo NY – who has been able to walk through life with legends.  It is nothing less than the favor of God.

On Wednesday I attended the Hillsong Network Luncheon with Pastor Brian Houston,  And he laid some truth bombs on us.  I wanted to share them.

10 Leaders Who Missed Their Calling
Brian Houston

1. Some people should be mail sorters.

All they do is pass the work around!
Somethings you cannot delegate.
You cannot delegate the thinking!
Do you have people on your team that just pass the buck.

2. Some people should have been lawyers.

Leaders who are defensive, excuse and do not take responsibility.
They read between the lines – they presume what you have said!
Leadership is always the answer and always the problem.
Don’t be a defensive lawyers and don’t build with defensive lawyers.
Prosecutors are always pointing the fingers, accusing.

3. Gym instructors. 

Because they always put heavy weights on people.
Some people want to just lift with one finger like a gym instructor but they never want to carry the heavy weight.

Big difference between delegating and dumping on people!

4. Political commentators.

They love to sit on the sidelines. They can say what should have been done or could have been done but never do anything.

If ain’t going to do the hard work you should not have a voice in your church.

5. Political lobbyists

Someone who takes an organized attempt to influence the church without permission.
People who always lobby for their position.

6. Greenskeepers/curators

Someone who is always defending their own turf. You cannot be territorial.
The fear of people sometimes so much worse!
You cannot build a church on those who do not want to be there!

7. Investigative journalists

Some people in church life they are the first to tell you!!!
Be slow on the bad report and quick on the good report!!!
Never be the first to give bad news.

8. Traffic controllers

You cannot built a church with board members who can tell you NO and SLOW!
There is power in saying YES to vision.  It’s not about being a YES person – it is about supporting the vision of the House.

9. Road workers

They appear to do nothing. Why does it take 9 people to dig a hole.
People who are always having meetings!
More meetings will not grow your church!
Less meetings.

10. Tour operators

You cannot pastor a church or lead a group if you are not there!
Build where you are!!!
If you do the hard work you won’t be chasing it – it will be chasing you!!!

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